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Commercial Drone and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Insurance

Why is special coverage needed? With the new FAA regulations in place, drones will become even more popular for both recreation and business uses.  For business, drones equipped with camera equipment are being used by realtors, surveyors, and inspectors.  We have also seen drones being tested for deliveries.  Many people and businesses are assuming that their general liability coverage would protect them.  However, most policies have aircraft exclusions and drones and UAVs are considered aircraft.
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In a developing market like this, you want to know that you are working with people that understand the needs and exposures.  Jim has access to brokers, Shan & Mike, that are ahead of the curve and able to meet your unique insurance needs.  Take a look at their credentials:

- Air Force Academy graduate
- Retired Air Force Lt Colonel after 21 years
- Fighter, drone & commercial pilot with over 2900 hours of flight time flying F-15Es, F16s, and MQ-1B Predators
- Retired Commander, US Coast Guard Reserve
- 40 years aviation underwriting, reinsurance and risk management experience
- Global Expertise, including Lloyds of London
- Graduate of the National Search and Rescue School

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