Agency Update: Welcome Lincoln!

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Lincoln newborn
Lincoln 2

Lincoln at the hospital as a newborn and Lincoln at almost a month old!

August is here! Or should we say Augustus?! This summer we said goodbye to a very loved family member: my mother, Alyce Knutson. I cannot express enough our gratitude for the support we received from many long-time customers. We want to thank you for the flowers, cards and even sympathy emails we received for the loss of my mother. It showed us how lucky we are to have all of you be a part of our Insurance Place family. There was so much love, I’m sure my mom can feel it where she is.

Soon after we said goodbye to Mom, we found ourselves saying, “hello” again. Megan’s baby finally arrived. We welcomed Lincoln Augustus Freeman into this world on June 29th. Lincoln was born at 5 pounds and 15 oz but has already gained more than a pound and is doing well. He has brought new joy back into our family and we are so happy he is here.

As we are excited to have a new grandchild in the picture, we are also getting very excited for our upcoming trip. Jim and I will be leaving for Alaska on August 4th and will return August 14th. It will be a good way to wrap up such an up and down summer. Stay tuned for pictures!


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