Drones II: Business Use

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Drone for bizIn April, we covered the topic of drones being used by hobbyists. We would like to cover the other side of that now so that you know when using your drone is no longer considered a hobby. Some uses may come as a surprise to you.

Do you like to take pictures? Is someone paying you to do it with your drone? Well, if you are taking professional photos for a real estate company or even a wedding, then you have flown into the commercial zone.

Do you use your drone to get that extra cinematic element into film or for television production? Then fly on over to your agent because you need to talk about commercial drone coverage. Even map and land surveyors are considered commercial use.

If you have more questions about commercial drone usage, here’s a great resource from Know Before You Fly. You can also see our previous article about drone coverage for hobbyists for a discussion on insurance and personal use. For commercial insurance on drones, please reach out to our commercial agent, Jim, and he will be happy to answer any questions or help you find a policy.

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