Getting Ready for Motorcycle Season

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You may be seeing more motorcycles on the roads around Denver soon.  About this time of year, motorcycle riders start to get that itch of wanting the wind in their hair or maybe you’ve decided this is the year you purchase your own. 

Before you head out, we wanted to take a moment to go over some of the coverage options.  Motorcycles lack the protection a car or truck provides, so you want to make sure you have the right coverage.

Let’s start with the basic coverage required by the state before your wheels can ever hit public pavement: liability insurance.  This is what pays for injury or damage to someone else if you are at fault for an accident.  Many times when we are quoting a motorcycle, the client will say, “Just give me the minimum, how much damage can I do with a bike?”  What you have to remember is if you cause the accident, you could be responsible for any chain reaction that it starts.  Let’s say you pulled out from a side street thinking you had time, but clipped a vehicle.  As that driver was trying to avoid you, they lost control and ran into the house on the corner.  You could be responsible for injuries to the other driver, their passengers, your passenger, and even people in the house plus the damages caused to the other vehicle and the house.  Those expenses can add up quickly and will definitely exceed the state minimum limits.

We will also recommend that you carry uninsured motorist bodily injury, just like on your auto policies.  The potential for injuries as a motorcycle rider can be even greater than as a passenger in a car so having this option in case the at-fault driver is uninsured can be a huge benefit.  Now, whether or not you want to include medical payments is really an individual choice based on your health insurance benefits and the cost of the coverage. We are happy to talk you through this decision.

Of course, you have the option for comprehensive and collision to cover costs to repair the physical damage caused to your bike.  If OEM Parts are a priority to you, we can make sure this is included.  On newer bikes, we may be able to offer Total Loss Replacement instead of the standard actual cash value settlement which allows depreciation.  Keep in mind that these only cover a stock bike.  If custom items were added (even by the dealer), we will want to insure them separately.  Most policies include a small amount of custom parts and equipment, but if you have more than $3000 added on your bike, let’s talk about making sure it is properly insured.  We can also include coverage for your safety apparel (leathers, helmet, gloves) and carried items (property kept in the saddle bags).  

Roadside assistance is available whether you are commuting to work or travelling across country.  If you do plan to take road trips on your motorcycle, we would recommend adding trip interruption which can pay for lodging, meals and transportation expenses if you are stranded more than 100 miles from home because of a loss.  Finally, you may want to consider rental reimbursement if you will need alternate transportation if your bike is inoperable because of a covered claim.

We can quote your motorcycle with Dairyland, Foremost, Progressive and Safeco.  Each has their own coverage offerings so let us know what is important to you and we will find the right fit.  Just give us a call today at 303-232-3100.

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