Lori’s Update: Giving Thanks from Florida

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What a week of weather we’ve had…  Well, I must admit as I write this note, we are enjoying record high temperatures from Florida.  After a family wedding in New York, we decided a return to Florida was in order.   Here we thought we would be missing out on the beautiful fall in Colorado.  Instead, we won’t pretend we are sad about avoiding the cold and snow.  Sometimes working remotely does have its advantages and that means we don’t have an excuse for getting into the office!  Those World Series games sure went late into the night down here though.  We will be back in the Colorado office on November 11th and looking for those warm clothes again. 

We are hitting the home stretch of 2019.  From here on out, time is going to fly.  Hope you all enjoyed a little Halloween fun and candy.  Whether big or small, it is a great time of year.  Next up is Thanksgiving so adjust those waste bands and start making your turkey day plans.  Since it is time to start counting our blessings, we want to begin by thanking each of you for another year of business!  We truly enjoy working with our clients and building relationships with members of the community.  Thank you for being a part of that!

LoveinBackpack 2019
Volunteers putting “Love in a Backpack”

With Thanksgiving in mind, Jim headed over to our neighborhood “Love in a Backpack” event again yesterday.  They packed 540 lunches for 4 different elementary schools giving kids healthy food options for their weekend.  He enjoys the chance to volunteer and, no surprise to those who know him, the chance to talk and meet new people from the neighborhood.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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