Great Time to be in Florida

By |2021-03-13T16:37:52-07:00March 9th, 2021|

We continue to enjoy Florida while working remotely and were happy to avoid the cold days in February in Colorado.  We definitely won’t miss the upcoming snowstorm we hear is heading your way.

Florida cranes e1615326163893We are finding the mornings here with comfortable temperatures and an early morning walk may have you wearing a light jacket that soon will be taken off.  If you are out with the sun rising, a favorite spot for Jim is where the birds have nested for the night and are now flying away for the day.  At night, it’s also fun to see them return at sunset and watch them fight for the best sleeping spot.  Jim’s favorite is the Great White Heron.  Some of the Sandhill Cranes that hang around now can be seen out with their new babies called Colts.  One year we were even lucky enough to see a mama alligator keeping an eye on her 12 babies under one of our walking bridges.

We will add that Colorado is not alone when it comes to the development and crazy real estate as we have the same issues in our area where we have our home.  Seems that there are too many people wanting the warmer winter days that Florida has to offer.  The summer months though may be a reminder of why the Snowbirds go back north!

Stay safe in the upcoming weather and remember spring is just around the corner!


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