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Family Home Boxes Moving 300x200 1Whether you live in a single family home, own a condo or townhouse, or rent an apartment, home insurance is important. It will help replace your property after a loss, but there is so much more to it.

Personal Liability:

If someone slips on your icy sidewalk or your normally friendly dog causes injury, liability coverage will help pay for the injured person’s expenses.

Identity Fraud Expense Coverage: Despite the many people who have been affected by large businesses’ data breach, you may be surprised to hear that identity theft is more likely to start with a stolen wallet than an online phishing expedition.  All of this can affect your credit without you even knowing it is happening. Fortunately, identity theft protection is available as an endorsement on most homeowners’ policies for a small cost. This coverage helps with the expenses associated with getting your credit back to where it was before. These can include lost income as a result of time taken off work to deal with the fraud, Notary and certified mailing charges, and reasonable attorney fees incurred to defend lawsuits and remove judgments.

Coverage for Water Damage:

We can offer several options to cover damage caused by water.  Be sure to read our article Time to Talk about Water Damage for specific coverage options you may want to include on your home insurance policy.

Even better, if you want to avoid damage before you have to file a claim, check out the options available in this article.  There are savings available on water leak detection devices and they just may help you save on your insurance premium as well.

Protection for Valuable Possessions:

Homeowners insurance pays for loss or damage from named perils such as fire or theft. There are coverage options to extend coverage to any peril, subject to stated exclusions, and are available to protect your jewelry, silverware, fine arts, furs, guns and several other valuable items.

Loss Assessment:

For homes located in an Homeowner’s Association (HOA), Loss Assessment coverage can be invaluable.  Check out this article for additional information.

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