Household safety tips change with the season

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Fall PBAs days get shorter and nights get longer, our habits begin to change. Most of us typically spend more time hunkering down at home and less time hiking in the mountains. That usually means resuming favorite fall pastimes like cheering on the Broncos while enjoying some hot cocoa or other warming beverage by the fireplace.

Arriving along with the season of autumn is a host of safety hazards we didn’t have to think about over the summer, creating the need for a little extra vigilance.  As the temperatures drop and you settle in for the approaching cold spell, consider the following pointers for ensuring you and your family stay not just warm, but also safe!

Warm up carefully

All types of heating units can be dangerous. If you use a wood-burning fireplace, secure it with a screen to prevent sparks, and make sure the fire is completely out before you retire for the night. If you depend on your home’s furnace, change out the filter and make sure it has been inspected before you start to use it again.  And, if you resort to space heaters, make sure they are in good working order (no frayed cords), out of the reach of children, and turned off when you leave the room.

Enjoy ambiance safely

If you use candles to add a warm glow to a cold night, make sure they are safely out of reach of children, can’t be overturned by pets, and are not close to flammable items such as blankets, paper or other furniture. If you’re known for falling asleep before heading to bed, extinguish all candles early in the night to avoid an unsafe, all-night burning situation.  Even better, use candle warmers instead of a lit flame to release your favorite fall scents.

Exercise yard safety

If you’re going to be pruning trees and shrubs, hanging fall decorations, raking leaves, or engaging in other yard activities, use caution: be careful on ladders, avoid power lines, and put away yard tools when you’re finished.  Also be sure to take frequent stretch breaks to avoid injury from over exertion.

Be grounded

Make sure you make weather-friendly shoes and boots handy for the whole family.  This is the season for slippery driveways and walkways. Without proper footwear, you can find yourself on your back or in the hospital.

At The Insurance Place, we wish you a fabulous and fumble-free fall season!

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