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Front Range Striping log

We are all anxious to see live sports again, but here is a business that is very excited to get athletes back on the fields as soon as it is safe to do so.  Front Range Striping works with recreational and high school sports to provide accurate line markings for athletic fields. 

They do this by using a painting robot guided by several GPS driven satellites.  It is a comprehensive autonomous robot that performs in most any conditions with speed and accuracy.  Its hardware and software platform is designed to perform consistent and accurate line-marking for just about any sport.  This robotic method of building sports fields holds patented design and technology features that eliminates the need for a manual operator while increasing precision and sustainability on natural grass or artificial turf fields.  Check out their video of the robot in action.

As you can imagine, this painting robot can be an expensive piece of equipment.  Because it has to be transported to each field to complete its work, it has additional risk compared to items that remain securely in one location.  Jim reviewed their needs and recommended an inland marine policy to properly insure the painting robot. 

You may not use robots in your business, but we know each business is unique and may have a need for a similar policy.  From contractor’s equipment down to smaller tools, they all hold a value for your company and would cause a slow down to your work if you can’t afford to replace them quickly. 

Be sure to give us a call and let’s discuss how we can best protect you!

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