Is Sweet 16 Really So Sweet?

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Sweet 16 seems to be less sweet when you are a parent and worried about what your son or daughter will do to your auto insurance.  As auto rates continue to rise, the cost to insure young drivers has also skyrocketed. If you have a teenager in the household, we wanted to go over the impact on your auto insurance and what you can do to help.

First, as long as your teen is 18 or under and has only a learner’s permit, most companies do not charge a premium for them.  However, we still want to add them to the policy so your insurance carrier is aware that they are driving.  Please give us a call with your son or daughter’s learner’s permit number, once obtained.

Once they obtain a driver’s license, we need to change them to a rated driver on your policy.  This is when the premium begins to impact your wallet, but there may be discounts that can be applied to help keep it a little lower.

Good Student Discount:  If your student has a 3.0 or better GPA, they can qualify for a discount on the premium. We just need a copy of the last grade report to confirm the eligibility.

Driver’s Education Discount:  This discount is available if your son or daughter completed the full driver’s ed which includes 30 hours of classroom training and 6 hours behind the wheel with an instructor.  Safeco, State Auto and Travelers offer discounts for completing this course.  If you are wondering if the cost is worthwhile, please feel free to call us for a quote.

Usage-Based Insurance:  We have talked about using telematics to help with your auto rates.  The same thing applies to your young driver and can have the added benefit of allowing you to provide feedback for all of those “learning opportunities” new drivers experience.

Distant Student Discount:  Once your son or daughter moves on to college, we can apply this discount if they go more than 100 miles away to school and do not bring a vehicle.  This gives you a credit since they will only be driving when home on breaks.  Just give us a call and let us know what college they will be attending so we can add the discount.

We have even heard some parents have decided that it will be better to provide a transportation allowance to cover the bus, Uber, etc. instead of letting their teen get their license right away at 16.  To help you determine what will be best for you, we are happy to provide a quote for what your premium could look like with a new driver, especially if you are looking at purchasing a vehicle as well.

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