Lori’s Update: Check those dryer vents

Lori’s Update: Check those dryer vents

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It’s crazy to think we are in September already.  Last year at this time, we were enjoying a fabulous European vacation with friends and are so thankful that it wasn’t scheduled for this year.

Jim did take a quick trip to Florida though and, fortunately, had no hurricane weather to deal with.  Upon his return on Saturday morning though, he was greeted with a “I think there is something dead in our dryer.”  Nothing like welcome back to home projects!  Our week had started with wondering why there was a big pile of lint on the patio and we were thinking we were pretty lucky that we hadn’t had a fire.  Then a few days later, we discovered the dryer lint screen had some holes in it.  It never clicked with these two females that it could be related to the lint outside until Saturday morning.  Long story short, it was a chipmunk that had made in into the dryer.  I’ve never even seen a chipmunk in our neighborhood!  Let’s say we were very thankful for Jim to have returned home that day.  Moral to the story is to make sure you check your dryer vent for lint build up.  Our flapper was blocked open and this little guy came in.  The firemen would also warn about the fire risks!

Now on to fall and everything it brings, starting with cooler weather.  Hope you are able to enjoy some of it this Labor Day weekend!


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