Lori’s Update: Checking in on Fall

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We hope you all enjoyed your long Labor Day weekend.  Depending on your viewpoint, this either marks the sad end of summer and all things sunny and carefree or the delightful beginning of fall with pumpkin spice and organization returning.  As kids return to school and sports, the routines fall back into place.  College football kicked off last weekend and the NFL opens on Thursday night.  It is time to get out the fall decorations and celebrate everything orange!

Jim & I used the extra day to get away for a weekend at Silverthorne.  We enjoyed some relaxation, great food thanks to recommendations from friends and even took in a hike.  It is a reminder how lucky we are to live where we live – only an hour drive and we can feel completely separated from the traffic and hustle of the city.  The leaves have really begun to change already.  Seems like it could be an early fall or maybe time just feels like it is moving faster.

If you don’t follow us on Facebook, you may not have seen the excitement with my grandson, Tayvian.  He participated in his first year of 4-H and presented a Nubian dairy goat, Felicity, at the Boulder County Fair.  I had no idea what was all involved.  Besides learning how to properly show his goat, he also had to write a report on her.  We were very proud when he took 1st place in showmanship, 4th in composition, and earned an invite to the Round Robin event.  For the Round Robin, he had just a few days to learn about 6 more large animals and present all 7 in one evening.  It was such a great learning experience for him and he even came away with a pretty memorable belt buckle!

Enjoy the final harvests, cool nights, and (hopefully) lots of football wins!


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