Lori’s Update: from the South Annex

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Well, they are at it again.

When the snow blows and the temps drop, Jim and Lori set up the South Annex for The Insurance Place a few weeks each winter. They stay in Venice, Florida, and log in to work remotely. As Jim says, “How dumb is that to live in 2 play states and work?” But when the weekend arrives it is time to play in Florida.

It is said that Jimmy Buffett wrote “Cheeseburger in Paradise” on Cabbage Key in Charlotte Harbor. To get to the key you need a water taxi.  We took the one out of Boca Grande and wound up this freeloader surfing behind the taxi in its wake. Whatta life!  Swim and play in the surf all day.

Dolphin 2 20

Lori’s long time friend Kristin and her guitar playin’ husband, Tom, drove Lori’s car down from Colorado to Florida.  Time to upgrade from a 1999 sedan (with an engine light that is always on ) to a little newer 2010 to drive in Florida.  Kristin and Tom played it safe from the Midwest blizzards by taking the southern route but hit all the flooding in LA, MS and AL.  Here they (long time Insurance Place customers) are with Lori in the evening watching all the Great Egrets, Ibis, and Blue Herons coming into the rookery late in the day to roost for the night.

Tom Kristin 2 20

Jim and Lori try and exercise and get their shopping and projects done in the morning before 9 AM MST.  Jim typically walks a mile to and then back from the lap pool where he swims about 800 meters in a lap pool each day.  Some days he will head to Manasota Beach where, here, he is watching the sea gull flying across the Gulf of Mexico with the moon sitting in the background.

Moon over water 2 20

The storms that blow in across the Gulf can pack a punch and some trees don’t survive the wind in the sandy soil.  This one, below, washed up on the shore and some enterprising beach goer decided to send it off in style.

Tree down 2 20

Since Jim and Lori bounce back to Colorado while the snowbirds stay in their Florida nests, Jim and Lori are known as “snowflakes”.  Not sure that is a compliment but it means that home is where the heart is and that will soon be Colorado.


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