Lori’s Update: Garage Sale Season is Winding Down

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I’ve probably mentioned before how much I enjoy garage sales.  It has become my Friday morning ritual to stop by a few on the way into work.  I really don’t need anything myself, so I love to shop for others.  Babies/toddlers are the best as I know how much these items would have cost new.  I actually loaded my vehicle with some of my shopping goodies last weekend and met a friend from Nebraska for a night.  She has her 2nd grandchild on the way and was excited for all of the deals I had found.

Sometimes the garage sale turns into a bigger project.  Our good friends and clients just moved to Florida and needed to clear out their Colorado house.  Once they determined what needed to be sold, I helped price the items and list them online.  I joke a lot that I’m not great with technology, but listing and finding items for sale on NextDoor, Facebook, or CraigsList is another story.  I’ve gotten very good at using these tools!  We had a sale at her house last month, but because of HOA rules, they couldn’t have a “garage” sale.  Instead, we set it up as an estate sale inside the home with specific directions in the online advertising.  We did put up a few signs, only to have them taken down by the HOA.  (Good thing we had a few backups.)

My newest “wishlist” items are for my daughter, Megan.  Her & her family are in the process of moving to a farmhouse in Wyoming and she would like new décor to fit in with the farmhouse.  The season may be winding down, but I’m always up for a challenge.  Let me know if you are looking for something or need any tips!

Enjoy the cool nights and sunny days of fall!


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