Lori’s Update: How are you staying busy?

By |2020-07-15T02:27:13-06:00June 1st, 2020|

Our life probably looks a lot like most of yours these days.  We enjoyed a zoom call for Jim’s brother’s birthday last week.  Doug lives in Pennsylvania so seemed to appreciate it and was surprised.  Getting family together is always fun and just as chaotic whether it is in person or a video call.  Megan was able to pop on and tell her uncle happy birthday…  while on the tractor and again later with a baby goat in her arms.  The little ones seeing it were asking their parents what the animal was she was holding!   The goat was more mellow than Chuck and Jill’s new puppy.

dominoes PB

Last night Marissa and Jim insisted on playing Dominos and I’m sure getting tired of kicking their butts every time we play.  They just won’t give up though so at least tonight I can do something else since they were sore losers last night. LOL!

Now that restaurants are starting to open up, we have been thinking about when we will want to go back for a nice dinner out.  Not sure when we will be ready, but Café Jordano will definitely top our list.  What place are you most looking forward to? 

Hope you are continuing to find ways to stay healthy and take care of yourselves.  Enjoy this weather and get outdoors for some fresh air, whether it’s a walk or just time in your yard.


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