Lori’s update on Hurricane Irma

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prep hurricane
prepping for Hurricane Irma

Jim hanging our hurricane shutters on the Florida house

Well, we made our trip to Florida as planned, but decided to return a few days early and avoid Hurricane Irma. When we bought our Florida home, it was built to the latest standards and includes hurricane shutters. This is the first time we have had to use them in the five years we’ve had it. Turns out they are pretty handy to have around, just involve a little time and elbow grease for Jim to install. Jim headed back to Florida a week later to remove them and check on the house. Our house and neighborhood fared well – mostly landscaping damage along with loss of power. Considering what other places endured from this storm, we have nothing to complain about. We have traveled to St. Maarten many times and were devastated to see there is little left of the island we loved.

My next adventure is a chance to reconnect with my girlfriends from my hometown of Mitchell, South Dakota. There are six of us that have known each other since at least middle school. One of the ladies is hosting us in her home in Deadwood so we’ll all drive in for a long weekend. Nothing much planned, but we do hope to go hiking in Spearfish Canyon. There’s plenty of sightseeing to do in that area if we get ambition or we might just stay home to cook, drink, play cards and talk! It should be a good time of catching up and relaxing – everyone needs a little girl time.


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