Lori’s Update: Jim Steals the Pen

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Many of you may know that in the spring, summer and fall I ride my bike to work. I have been doing this for 10 years and average about 1,500 miles per year. It’s an easy workout and keeps a low carbon footprint.

What has changed over these 10 years is the increase in homeless people along the bike path. As a former engineer, my mind starts down the problem-solving path on how to fix this in our community. I have many ideas and would like to work with community planners on the bigger picture. In the meant time I felt that the better thing to do was to “get involved.”

Over a month ago a homeless father and his two sons spoke at our church about a program that is helping them. Family Promise is a nationwide organization geared to helping homeless families get back on their feet.  They provide shelter, but also a variety of supportive services to create sustainable solutions. You can find the local chapter’s website at  https://www.familypromiseofgreaterdenver.org/.  I volunteered in the “More than Shelter” program listed under Programs on the website.

Family Promise is well organized and structured to succeed. While my part was small, it was a start, with a small feeling of hope and accomplishment. Maybe the greatest reward was from the 3-year-old daughter whose mother is suffering from a brain injury. As we moved her and her Mom from the overnight center at Holy Shepard in Lakewood to the Family Promise Day Center at 5th and Lipan, she wanted to make sure that I met her dolly.  That not only cheered her up, but her mother and, of course, this old guy.

I did not mention all of the organizers and volunteers from Holy Shepard and Christ on the Mountain but was impressed with the organization and friendly support from all that I met. I look forward to my next opportunity, scheduled in December.


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