Lori’s Update: Mexican Vacation and other news

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Seems hard to believe that March is here and I’m sure everyone agrees we are ready for some warmer weather.  Jim & I were lucky to have been able to escape for a week down in Nuevo Vallarta over Valentine’s and enjoyed beautiful weather.  Jim would tell you that if you get up early enough, you can even catch a beautiful sunrise while taking a morning walk on the beach.  Some would tell you the sunsets are even prettier and at a better time of day!

We took our 10 year old grandson with us for his first trip to Mexico.  He would probably say that the best part was the pools and water slides.  Even the iguanas roaming around didn’t seem to excite him too much.  Maybe next time we’ll plan a trip to Water World instead!

On another happy note, we are excited to spread the word that Jan is recently engaged and planning a December wedding.  After all these years of just her and Jaci, she made sure to get her daughter’s approval and they are both excited about the changes ahead.  If you have a chance, please send your congrats to her and James.

With both Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day this month…  Have fun and please celebrate safely!


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