Lori’s Update: Reflecting Back

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July is here and the summer will begin to wind down before we know it.  We hope everyone had a fun 4th of July this year.

This is the month when I reflect back on starting the business in 1983.  How things have changed in this industry since those early days!  Our first computer did not come along here until 1986 and even then, we only used it for our Safeco clients.  We had to manually rate our policies with the paper rate manuals that the companies had to print, the applications were all completed by hand or the typewriter (remember those things?) and we always hoped we didn’t make a mistake.  We would race to the post office each night before the last pick up as we had to have our applications post-marked on the date of purchase.

And yes, it meant that everyone always came to the office to purchase their insurance in those days.  Then there was the ad for the Yellow Pages that we paid for each month and the phone would ring non-stop.  The days of having the young high school kids come in and do our filing and opening the mail are over too.   Jan’s daughter Jaci was one of those young kids and now is an insurance exec!  I’m sure when she first started hanging out at the office after school when she was about 12 years old, she never thought insurance would be her career!

I am often asked by clients when am I retiring!?  The answer I normally say is when I no longer enjoy going to work and helping clients.  Just don’t ask me about passwords though!  Over these years, we’ve developed relationships and these are what we value the most.  We appreciate your business and confidence when there are so many options out there.  We can’t say thank you enough!  If you have any stories from long ago of doing business with our office, we would love to have you pass them along to us.

Thank you for your continued business!


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