Lori’s Update: Running the Farm

By |2021-05-08T19:53:26-06:00April 30th, 2021|

Our return to the Colorado office was a bit of a shock with the spring snow and cold.  Jim forgot how it was to get up early to shovel!  We are looking forward to the nice weather ahead now.

We just took a couple days off though to go to our daughter, Megan, and son-in-law’s farm in Wyoming so they could have a little get away.   We were to help supervise that the farm chores were done, and two grandsons stayed in line.

Tayvian let Jim be the hay man and I was the one that gave the bottle to the baby goat, Dipper, fed the chickens and gathered the eggs each day.  It was a fun change of pace, but we realize how much work there is to be done with farm life.  Maybe doing our little spring yard work isn’t so hard after all!

We also were able to spend the school day with them in Cheyenne and see what they do on these days.  Papa was talked into taking the boys to the skate park a couple times so they could show off their skills and fortunately there were no broken bones!

Jim is excited to be back on his bike for his ride to and from work each day.  Last summer he missed this when he was working from home.

Enjoy the sunshine and green grass!


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