Lori’s Update: Season of Change

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The calendar is saying soon our hot summer days will be behind us and before we know it, the leaves will be changing their colors.  This month is bringing changes here to our office families too.

Jan has her daughter moving back to Denver.  Jaci has lived on the East Coast the past 9 years, staying for work after college. She can work remotely now so will enjoy all that Colorado offers, such as hitting those winter slopes!!  Even her boyfriend (an east coast native) admits what we all know – the skiing is better in Colorado!

Paula’s daughter, Kyleigh, is a freshman now at Bear Creek and made the JV softball team!  Pitching seems to be the position they have her playing and she is showing her skills.

My daughter, Megan, who has continued working here remotely has decided it’s time to change up the farm life in Wyoming and move to Florida.  If all goes as planned, they will be closing on a property at the end of the month.  The plow, shovels, winter gear and 9’ snow drifts will be a distant memory and instead they will learn about the many different fruit trees on the property and look forward to having fresh avocados, mangos, limes, lemons and we are guessing surely oranges with 60 trees!

Mary and her family decided to give up their mobile lifestyle and have bought a home (without wheels) in Arizona.  As they were getting settled in, Mary decided it was time to get her insurance license again so began studying for the test – she passed of course!  Congratulations, Mary!

Heather and Family at Broncos Game

And we all know this month brings the start of a new football season where the Broncos have a change again at quarterback.  We have a picture of Heather, our newest team member, and her family enjoying last Saturday’s preseason game.  We will officially welcome and introduce her in October.

We wish you all a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!


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