Lori’s Update: Snowbirds wrapping up in Florida

By |2021-04-09T14:00:56-06:00April 1st, 2021|

The calendar says it is spring and we hear it is still snowing in Colorado.  In Florida, spring has our magnolia tree ready to bloom and it is alligator mating season.  This means you don’t leave your garage door open unless you want a large surprise!  The thermometer is saying it is time for the snowbirds to start thinking about heading north and that means it is almost time for us to head back to our Colorado office too.

Often we hear from clients that they thought we were on vacation down here.  We actually stay on Colorado time and that means in the morning, it is errand time or riding your bike or going for a walk.  By the time we log off at night and have dinner, bedtime isn’t far away! Jim too often is working on weekends and he may say the only thing nice about his dining room table desk is the golf on TV is close by.

We have however enjoyed a vacation from all of the March snow shoveling and driving to work.  We will be returning to Florida in late May for a real vacation bringing our grandsons who don’t realize it is hot, humid and sometimes rainy.  And with two energetic boys, there’s not much time to sit and relax for too long!

We hear the tulips and spring flowers are starting to come up and look forward to springtime in Colorado.  Spring has to be everyone’s favorite season!


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