Lori’s Update: Sports Fan’s Delight

By |2020-07-15T02:22:15-06:00April 30th, 2019|

We are wrapping up another stay in Florida where we have enjoyed nice weather and even low humidity. However, the heat begins so we are ready for our beautiful Colorado spring and summer weather. But wait, did I hear snow has still been in the forecast?

Heading home means we can watch the playoffs with the Avs and the Nuggets on Colorado time. We aren’t sure how people in the Eastern time zones can stay awake for those late games, but have sure enjoyed cheering them along.

What we will miss are the mornings to get up for a nice walk, bike ride or a swim. We always keep our eyes open for what we might see. On this trip, we saw two bald eagles soaring in front of our lanai one afternoon. On a bike ride, we came upon a pond where we saw mama alligator keeping her eyes on what we were told were approximately 11 babies. They were about 8” long and I guess still “cute”?

I do want to throw a quick reminder out to all our clients that you can access your basic policy information, request proof of insurance and even submit a change request right through our website. Just look for “Portal” in the main menu to give it a try!

Happy Spring! Go Avs, Nuggets and of course the Rockies! After all, it isn’t summer without baseball!


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