Lori’s Update: Spring in Florida

By |2022-03-15T15:56:51-06:00March 15th, 2022|

The clocks are moved forward now, and spring is on its way. Springtime in Florida is the perfect time for early morning walks when the temperature is still cool and all the birds are out. It’s a perfect time to just walk and not think about everything else going on in the world around us. One early morning walk for Jim had him walking with a bobcat on one of the bridges in our community. Sticking with the birds and alligators are just fine with me!

We had our grandsons for a weekend and that had us out riding bikes, going to the pool, and to the beach where they came home with some sharks’ teeth including a big megalodon that a diver gave them. We also took them to the rookery, which is one of our favorite free entertainment things to do at sundown. Not only did we see all of the egrets and other birds coming in to roost for the night but we also saw the bats leaving their boxes high up on poles to spend their nights eating the insects. We’ve since learned that there are about 800 bats that are from Brazil in each one of these little boxes.

This past weekend we attended the 94th “Grand Daddy of them all” rodeo in Florida with our Colorado friends and my daughter and family. I’m sure it’s not as big as the Cheyenne rodeo but it was still lots of fun. We even had some cowboys from Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.

This means our winter season in FL is also winding down.  We are hopeful that the snow will be gone and it will just be the nice Colorado weather that we all look forward to when we return.

Here’s to a wet spring with lots of blooming flowers!


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