Lori’s Update: Spring has Sprung

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We hope you had a chance to enjoy the nice taste of spring last week. We were in Florida working remotely and came back on Wednesday – it was nice to not go into shock from a big temperature change when we landed.

Even more so than usual, we really enjoyed the birds and creatures down there. Spring time definitely showed in all of the babies we saw around. The other morning, my neighbor and I came across baby raccoons on our morning walk – it was the day after the time change so we joked their momma forget to tell them. We’ve seen baby sandhill cranes and a young alligator around the area. One day, Jim saw a bald eagle carrying a fish while out on his adventures, without his phone (aka camera) of course. Our favorite might have been our sunset trip to the rookery where all the birds seem to settle for the evening and put on quite a show while trying to claim their territory.

Within walking distance of our home in Florida, the Atlanta Braves just built a brand-new spring training facility, CoolToday Park. Last Saturday, we went over there for their open house. Looks like it is going to be a great place to catch some preseason games next March. They also have plans to keep it active the other 11 months of the year with movie nights on the field, youth baseball tournaments in the outlying fields and some high school games scheduled in the main stadium. There is a new shopping area going in close by too so we will be able to walk and get groceries instead of having to always take the car out, especially since the traffic from the new stadium could really cause some issues.

Thinking of spring, seems like “spring cleaning” goes right along with the green grass that is showing up. Part of spring cleaning is clearing out items we no longer use. Has anyone read Marie Kondos’ book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up?” I hear good things about it when you need to clear the clutter. We’ve joked around the office whether or not our outfits “Spark Joy” – Marie Kondo’s signature question when determining if an item should stay or go. It apparently is very effective as the thrift stores are overwhelmed with donations.

Here’s to an enjoyable spring all around. Go Rockies!


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