Lori’s Update: Time for a Vacation

By |2021-06-04T12:41:20-06:00May 28th, 2021|

We hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend and ready for summer to begin!

We arrived in Florida for a vacation with our Wyoming grandsons.  There had been lots of rain in Wyoming before we left and we know we saw our share of chilly rainy days in Colorado so we were all looking forward to the sun.  Now though we are seeing first hand what happens with no rain.  Seems our area of Florida looks more like the end of a Colorado summer where everything is brown.  We are hoping that the rain will come to Florida soon and fill the ponds for those alligators!

Jim the boys 2021

Our grandson’s will say the best part of getting to go on a Florida vacation is the pools, playing at the beach and going to LEGOLAND for a first time visit.  We will be sure to fill you in next month with a few more pictures.  For now, this picture of Jim & the boys will have to do.

We hope this summer brings memories of fun times with family and friends.


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