Lori’s Update: Volunteering in Florida

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As many of you know, we also work from our second home in Florida.  We just returned for a short stay and a bit of a change of scenery.  We are enjoying some fall like weather here with cooler mornings and low humidity. Seems the snowbird neighbors are returning from the north too.  Most people are anxious to get away fast from those first snowfalls!  Life is a bit on a slower pace when down here as we are not dealing with the Denver traffic and not having to get ready and rush out the door in the mornings.  The other day when I left the house I had to stop the car as four sandhill cranes were spread evenly across the street walking at their own slow pace.  We can always tell when they get around the house as they sure are noisy.  It’s fun to see the different birds down here and yes, sometimes we do have the alligators too.

Jim enjoys walking to the community pool and swims most every morning.  Lunch breaks for him is usually a quick bike ride through the neighborhood.  It’s probably a good thing though that his clients can’t see him as his attire seems to be his swim trunks most days.

The other day our Colorado friend and client brought us one of his huge avocados from his tree in his Florida yard.  We can’t wait for it to ripen so we can eat it.  He also brought us some key limes from his tree.  If only we could grow these things in Colorado!

Our community is mostly retired people and a big part of their retired lives is now doing volunteer work.  We finally decided it was time to take our headsets off, be a bit late for work, and go to the community center to do our part on volunteering.

Today it was filling the backpacks for IslandWalk Love in a Backpack.  The program was started 5 years ago by IslandWalk residents (our Florida neighborhood) as part of the All Faiths Food Bank backpack program.  Every other week, the food bank delivers food shipments that volunteers pack into bags and then transport to 4 elementary schools.  The bags are distributed to almost 500 children from food-insecure households to provide healthy food for the weekend.

Finally, as we head into the Thanksgiving season, I must take a moment to thank YOU – our clients, friends, business partners!  Thank you for trusting us to protect your homes, businesses, other property, and mostly, your financial security.  We don’t take this lightly and truly appreciate the confidence and loyalty you have shown us.

We wish you many blessings during this wonderful season ahead!


P.S. Our office will close at 2:00pm on Wednesday, November 21st, for Thanksgiving.  We will reopen Monday, November 26th, at 9:00am.

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