October Is Buy Nothing New Month: Check Out Some Halloween Hacks

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If you are an avid Pinterest user, then you may know that October is known as Buy Nothing New Month. If you do not have a Pinterest App on your phone with anywhere from 14-167 boards (there are worse addictions), then maybe this whole saving money thing is an idea you would like to try out this October. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Costume Hacks:

Here are three examples of the most popular costumes this year and quick little hacks to get your wheels turning over how you can make these from items at home.

R2D2 – can be made using a white dome lid trashcan. Paint, felt or construction paper and glue are the only things you need to add here, and maybe some suspenders to distribute the weight off of your head and onto your shoulders.

Ninja Turtle – a green sweatshirt and green sweatpants from the thrift store ought to get your turtle power kickin’. Then all you need to top it off is a few hexagons cut from colored paper taped on to your backpack. Now it’s just a matter of which turtle you want to be – what color are those old t-shirts that you don’t mind cutting up.

Pokemon – Hoodies are such a great thing. If you can glue felt or colored construction paper to a matching hoodie and sweat pant set, then you can MAKE ‘EM ALL!

Hallow Hacks

Pumpkin Hacks:

Chipotle Pumpkin BBQ Sauce – Ketchup, Pumpkin Pure (not pie filling) and Herdez Chipotle cooking sauce is all you need to have a totally unique, but totally awesome sauce this season. Here is the whole recipe.

Paleo No Bake Pecan Pumpkin Bites – Only 7 ingredients needed to make this tasty treat. Here’s the how to.

No Bake Pumpkin Spice Latte Bites – Ok, you probably have to get a few ingredients at the store for this one, but we couldn’t resist.  This recipeis a little more daring, healthy and fantastically scrumptious.

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