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For those that are looking for other ways to get the information you want in the way you want it, we have compiled a list here of your self-service options.  Always know that if you prefer to speak with our office directly, we are happy to help you.  You can contact our office Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm at 303-232-3100 or email your agent directly and we will respond during business hours.

We know life happens 24/7.  Sometimes it is an emergency and sometimes 10:00 at night is the only moment you have in your schedule to deal with your insurance.  For those situations, we want to make sure you are aware of the resources available to you outside our normal hours.


For all clients, you can log into our customer portal on our website at  Click on “PORTAL” in the menu (white bar at the top on your desktop or in the “hamburger” menu icon on your smartphone).  You will be asked for your email address and it will need to match what we have on file.  If you enter your email and it doesn’t find a match, please contact us to update your account.  When your email is matched, you will receive an email with an identification code and the next screen will ask for this number.  Check your email, enter the code, and view your policy information.  The images to the right (or below on your mobile device) walk you through the screens.


Almost every bill that goes out from an insurance company provides a website where you can make a payment.  Setting up an online account can give you even further access to your policy information and documents.

Below are links to company websites for some of our most common companies.  Bookmark your company’s site to access when needed.


Some of the insurance companies we represent also offer a mobile app you can download on your smartphone.  Mobile apps allow you to view your policy information, download proof of insurance (including ID cards), make a payment, and file a claim.

Be sure to download the app and get it logged in now before you need it.  Below are links for the apps on both Android and Apple phones.


If you have a claim and want to call the company directly to report, you can find a list of phone numbers on our Claims Page.  If you would like to discuss the situation with us first, please feel free to reach out by phone or email and we can talk through your coverages.

Again, we are always happy to help, but when you prefer immediate access, we wanted to make sure you know your resources.

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