Do I Still Need Business Insurance if I run a Business out of my Home?

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Home Office on couchHere’s some food for thought. You order a document to be delivered overnight to your home for your business. No big deal, right?! Then the delivery man trips over a limb or slips on the ice at your premises while delivering this business document. You think, “Well, my Homeowner’s Policy should cover that, right?!” Not necessarily. You may also run into a similar situation if you have customers visit you on site at your home.

Do you run an E-Commerce business out of your home? You may tend to run most of your business through your computer. What if your network is not as secure as you think? Better yet, what if you go down the street to your local coffee shop to get out of the house and you’re on a public network? Definitely not secure there. You may be using your computer to conduct your business and any compromised information may not be covered under a personal policy. This is also a good time to refer to our Cyber Security article and the importance of protecting yourself from hackers.

We want to put these scenarios in your mind so that you will take a good luck at the business you run out of your home. Review the type of work you do. Look at possible areas where you could be held liable in your business. If you are unsure, give us a call and we can help you determine whether you need Commercial Insurance and if so, what types of policy(s).

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