Lori Schultz

I am proud to say I grew up in the great state of South Dakota, specifically Mitchell – home to the world’s only Corn Palace! I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska and started my insurance career in the claims department of Union Insurance. In 1974, I moved to Colorado and worked at a Lakewood insurance agency for over 7 years. I started The Insurance Place, Inc. on July 1, 1983! I have two daughters and then gained another daughter and son when I married Jim Ziegler. Together we now have 5 grandchildren. I love to travel, especially to Florida to be able to walk along the beach. Tex, our office mascot, joined the family in 2011 and loves his self-appointed role of agency welcoming committee.

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Jim Ziegler

Before joining The Insurance Place, I worked for over 34 years in manufacturing and high tech. When not working on insurance, I enjoy music, popular science, reading, swimming, golf, cycling, and most especially, grandchildren! With the grandkids Lori and I can enjoy crafts, Calvin & Hobbs, soccer, football, Dork Diaries, guitar playing, Goodnight Moon, swimming and snow skiing. YouTube keeps me up to date on science developments in quantum field theory, physics and string theory. YouTube is also great in the gym for watching the Rat Pack, Perry Mason, Rocky & Bullwinkle and on and on. I am also the dedicated family resource for fixing computer problems.

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Jan Buscher Riggsby

I started working for Lori in 2004, after working for Safeco Insurance for five years in a variety of positions, including claims, policy service, and quality assurance. I really enjoy the small office environment where we can get to know our customers and help them find the coverage they need. I grew up as the youngest of a large family from a small Iowa town. I moved to Colorado in 1998 with my daughter, Jaci. She is now working in Boston with promises to return to Colorado some day. I was just married December 2019 so am trying to get used to being called Mrs. Riggsby. My husband and I are both sports fans, but he prefers college and I love pro which means our weekends during football season are completely shot. I love that Denver is such a sports town and cheer for all the local teams, unless the Broncos are playing my longtime favorites, the San Francisco 49ers!

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Paula Martinez

I was born and raised here in Colorado with my 3 brothers. I came from a large family. Now, I have a family of my own which includes my husband, 2 boys and 1 daughter, the youngest. I have been working for The Insurance Place since 2012. Before coming to work here I was a stay at home parent, which is a full time job in itself. My time away from work is spent with my children’s education and sports activities. I am very proud to say that my kids excel in their academics, as well as their sports. Our weekends, and some weekdays, are filled with golf lessons, baseball, football, and softball along with dance/cheerleading for my fashionista daughter.

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Mary Truckey

I am originally from Kentucky and first started working in insurance in 1993 when my husband and I were newly married and moved to the Denver area. I worked for The Insurance Place a majority of my time in Denver until we relocated to Nebraska in 2001. For the next 10 years, I worked as an administrative assistant, substitute teacher, and Starbucks barista as we got to experience living in areas such as Cody, WY, Seattle, and Las Vegas. In 2011, we came back to Denver and I was able to rejoin Lori & Jim as the account manager for commercial lines. I now enjoy working for The Insurance Place remotely. In 2014, our family decided to embrace the mobile lifestyle more fully, so moved into a fifth wheel camper and hit the road. Our “home on wheels” is currently parked in sunny Arizona. Our family, which now includes our son, James, and his dog, Harry, are thoroughly enjoying the warmer temperatures of the desert! I love the flexibility of being able to work with the great staff at The Insurance Place and still be able to see the world with my family.

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Megan Freeman

I am Lori’s oldest daughter and, over the years, I have moved up from stamping files as a little girl to a licensed agent. Working for a small independent insurance agency is enjoyable because I have the opportunity to develop relationships with our clients and better understand their insurance needs. I also enjoy the flexibility of working for The Insurance Place, Inc. remotely. I live on a farm in Hillsdale, WY with my husband, 2 sons, and growing list of animals (depending on the day that can be dogs, cats, goats, cattle, horses, rabbits, turkeys, and chickens). The dairy goats are my favorite! I am gardening and learning to can, as well as making new types of cheese.

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Marissa Schultz

I am Lori’s youngest daughter and started working at The Insurance Place in 2009. I have been working hard on helping us transition the old paper files to electronic documents. I have also learned the agency bookkeeping to make sure that our customers’ payments are accurately recorded. When not working, I enjoy visiting my dad and dog, Lana, in Wyoming now to take advantage of the great outdoors. I graduated from Red Rocks Community College. I love attending races at Bandimere, so you may see me there during the summer.

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