Water Damage is a Common Home Insurance Claim

Water Damage is a Common Home Insurance Claim

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What is Water Damage?

Water damage is the 2nd most frequent type of loss for homeowners, after weather related claims.    In fact, homeowners are over 3 time more likely to experience a water loss over fire and theft losses combined.

Many people think of flooding when they think of water related claims.  For insurance companies, water damage refers to water that escapes from the pipes, fixtures, and water-based appliances in the home.  This could be a frozen pipe, burst washing machine hose, split in the ice maker supply line, or a water heater that gives out.  There are so many water points in a standard home and as your home grows, so do these possible exposures – more bathrooms, a wet bar, kitchenette or mother-in-law suite, Jacuzzis, the list goes on.  Wherever there is plumbing, there is a chance of damage.

Luckily, water damage may be avoided or at least lessened in severity by leak detention and monitoring.  There are several different companies and options available, but we want to let you know of two we can offer right here through our agency.

StreamLabs Monitor

The first option is through StreamLabs and is a DIY installation process.  It is simply zip tied to your main water line and is able to “read” the water flow through the pipe.  It connects through Wi-Fi to an app on your phone so you can monitor it whether home or away.  Plus, you can set up personalized alerts when there is an unusual amount of water flowing through the pipe.  It has a “learning” mode for the first couple weeks so it can become familiar with your home water usage and establish a baseline.  The retail price is $169, but our clients can save an additional $30 using our promo code at checkout.  The site to make your purchase and find additional information is https://www.streamlabswater.com/safeco.

Benefits of StreamLabs Water Monitoring

Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff

The second option is Flo by Moen and requires professional installation.  This device is connected right into the main water line and includes a water shutoff.  Like the StreamLabs unit, it will learn the water usage of your home and connects through an app for your personal monitoring and notifications.  However, if there is high water usage and no response from you, it will shut off water to the home to prevent further damage.  This device with professional installation starts at $600 with our promo code.  Additional information is available at https://partner.meetflo.com/safeco/.

Benfits of Flo by Moen Water Monitoring

Your Next Step…

As mentioned above, our clients can receive a promo codes from us for the quoted rates above.  Please reach out to us with any questions or if you are interested in purchasing one of these products.  We also will want to check your home policy as you may qualify for a discount once the device is installed.  We look forward to speaking with you.



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