Wedding Insurance

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Wedding Protector Plan from Travelers

We know that everyone is looking for that perfect wedding day.  That’s why we rely on Traveler’s Wedding Protector Plan to provide coverage for those things that are out of your control.  The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is now near $30,000.  Don’t lose that investment in your memories due to a venue going out of business, severe weather causing you to postpone or sudden illness preventing the bride’s parents from attending.

In addition to cancelling or postponing the event, this wedding insurance also provides coverage for lost rings or wedding dress, ruinded photos or damaged gifts.  You have the option of adding liability insurance to the policy as well.  This can meet the requirements of the venue to provide proof of your own insurance as well as liquor liability for alcohol-related occurrences.

Wedding Protector Plan Brochure: Just a few examples of why this coverage brings peace of mind on your special day.

Coverage for More than Weddings

Although we call this wedding insurance, it is also available for all your major celebrations such as bar/bat mitzvahs or quinceaneras.  If you are hosting a private event, please contact us to see if what we can offer in protection.  (Please note: coverage is not available for public events or events hosted by organizations and businesses.)

How to Get Started

You can purchase coverage as early as two years before the set date.  Give us a call to get a quote for this important coverage.  We’ll ask a few simple questions like the expected budget for the event and number of guests attending.  You can reach us at 303-232-3100.