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As we said goodbye to 2016, we said goodbye to those we loved. Sadly, Jan joined me with the loss of a parent in 2016 as her father passed away suddenly on December 31st. She was touched by those of you who reached out to her and appreciated the kinds words. She spent a couple weeks back home helping her family and then made her way back to Colorado.

We also said goodbye to our old office. Next thing we knew, 2017 came roaring in and we were getting settled into a new office. Last February, I would have never thought we’d move our office once again. We were comfortable and had plenty of space. My intentions were to stay put until I was kicked out for retirement! So much for that thought!

However, life is full of surprises and we were reminded that sometimes change is good for everyone. Downsizing a bit meant it was time to clear out some of the clutter and start fresh – along with the New Year! With a little help from our family, we had everything put together in no time.

After things settled down and the office got back into the swing of things, Jim and I spent the end of January working from Florida. We escaped some of the cold in Denver but there are always those days where, even in winter, Denver is warmer than Florida!

Many of us are looking forward to a better year ahead. We are excited to strengthen our existing relationships and create new ones. Hopefully, you can stop by sometime to visit with us in our new office. If not, check out the walkthrough video of our new location on our Facebook page. We also updated our cover photo to a new picture of our office members in our new building. We hope 2017 brings changes to your life that work out for the best as well.


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