Worried about an employee lawsuit?

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Employee ladderYour Business is Your Baby. Why doesn’t your employee see it that way? It’s difficult to run a successful business without having to make tough choices. Some of those may include hiring and/or firing employees. If you are lucky, you hire an employee who cares about your business as much as you do. Other times, you may find yourself with employees who are just looking for a paycheck; maybe they still do the work they’re supposed to or maybe they don’t. Does that make them any less valuable? Not in terms of insurance.

While your business may be small, it does not mean you can neglect your responsibilities to employees. We cannot stress enough the importance of having the proper insurance in place especially when you have employees who work for you. Whether they are part time, contract or full time, incidents happen and accusations happen.

If you have already discovered the need to carry Worker’s Compensation for your business, then we applaud you. However, the risk of claims do not stop there. In 2015, the Insurance Journal reported the top trending employment practice litigation cases against businesses were “unpaid internships, illegal background checks, pregnancy and health-related employment discrimination.”

Do you have the right policy to cover claims such as these? The good news is if you have the right kind of Commercial Policy, even false discrimination accusations can be covered. There are several other areas of your business that may need a review if you have employees. A good resource we suggest checking out for more information about employer laws is Mountain States Employers Council.

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